Disease Management


You just received the information that despite treatments or previous recommendations, your illness is terminal.

You may have a million questions on where to go and how to plan the way ahead.

The information you may need or want is here and in our resource guide. For example, which questions to ask your physician and other palliative care staff, or what is important in planning for your immediate care.

This information might also assist in highlighting essential parts of your plan that you might not have initially considered.

We hope this information provides an overview of resources that Bow Valley patients can consult on their palliative journey.


Connect with someone to help by contacting our Community Outreach & Education Coordinator at info@pcsbv.ca.

Resource Guide

The Resource Guide has been compiled as a handy, one-stop reference for the many aspects of palliative and end-of-life care and supports. 

The Guide covers topics from disease management, to loss and grief, to a variety of community and social supports. It also covers the difficult topic of death and the administration of dying.

The Guide was completed in 2019 and will be reviewed and updated annually. For resources not listed in the Guide or for further insight into supports across the community, please reach out to us at outreach@pcsbv.ca.