The Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley has a mission to build a rural residential hospice for the Bow Valley region.

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Update on Land Status for the Palliative Care Bow Valley Hospice

January 25, 2022

We have exciting news about key steps towards our vision of building the Bow Valley Hospice.

The Town of Canmore recently announced a land use application for a piece of property in south Canmore at the end of 3rd Avenue just beyond the existing cul de sac.   In 2018, the PCSBV was approached by the landowners of this property.  They indicated that they would like to gift 2 acres of their property to the PCSBV to be used for the site of the proposed hospice.  This wonderful offer is the best fit for our vision.

Since our organization was founded in 2014 finding the right site for the hospice has been a major milestone for our plans. Over the past few years, we have explored over 30 potential site options. If approved, this is a catalyst for us to design the facility, kick off our capital fundraising efforts, and to finalize our program and operational planning for the facility. We know that the time will pass quickly as the work ramps up and we are equipping ourselves for the work ahead.

Launched on their website – – the landowners have outlined the opportunity surrounding the land donated to the PCSBV. We are pleased that the land donors have filed their application and are moving forward with their plans.  This is the first step in the process of getting the Town of Canmore approval for the development of the land and transferred to the PCSBV.  The landowners have generously funded the environmental and engineering studies as well all other costs associated with the project so far. It is their intention to fund the utility installation and road access up to the edge of the proposed hospice property; another huge gift to the PCSBV which avoids the need for us to fundraise to cover these costs.

Over the past four years, I have come to know this wonderful couple who own the property. They are firm believers in the end-of-life care provided by a hospice due to their own personal experiences.  They are very enthusiastic about the work of the PCSBV and want to ensure Bow Valley residents have access to hospice care close to home.  The location of this property is ideally situated for the purpose of a rural residential hospice as it will provide exceptional opportunities for patients, and their families to receive the support they need in a peaceful, beautiful environment with ease of access within proximity to medical amenities and other community supports.

Your support for the hospice in this location will make a huge difference.

Please feel free to share this exciting information with your friends and neighbours.

Julie Hamilton

Chair PCSBV Board of Directors


8 Reasons to a Support Rural Residential Hospice  in the Bow Valley

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