Our Fresh Face…

The Palliative Care Society of Bow Valley is growing. We started more than four years ago with a group of passionate volunteers with the dream of building palliative and end-of-life care supports in our community to complement the services already available.

The driving question was “How can we make support for those in our community and their families more accessible?”.  We learned that that our valley is in great need of a new residential hospice facility. So, our mission and vision is to build a facility to meet this need. We aim to work with partners across our community to make this dream a reality.

We can provide the respite and end-of-life care in a home-like environment for community members in our region if we all work together. And, since our humble, passionate beginning we have been, and continue to, build our Society, our partners and our programs.

As part of that work, we refreshed our website, we are refocusing our volunteers, we are hiring new team members, and we are getting plans in place to launch focused work on our day-home and hospice dream.

But, it takes effort – not because it’s hard to convince people of our vision – but because many people just don’t know what palliative and hospice care are about. Until people are in need, it’s just not something people tend to think about much.

It’s understandable – end of life and the discomfort caused by chronic or terminal health issues – are sad topics. They can cause stress and anxiety too.

At PCSBV, we believe learning and sharing knowledge about these issues helps to alleviate those burdens.

So, as we move forward, trying to bring our dream to life, we’re also working to help more people understand palliative and hospice care’s benefit and need.

On this blog, and our social media channels, we’ll be talking a lot about quality of life and comfort, and about how anyone can need palliative and hospice care – not just seniors.

We’re also going to be sharing our perspectives on how a facility in the Bow Valley will enhance community-based care for people and families who want to live out their lives in this beautiful place we’ve all chosen to settle.

Thanks for visiting! 

Come back soon and help us make our dream a reality.