Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives

Our Vision:

A compassionate and collaborative community that ensures the availability of high quality palliative and end-of-life care.


Our Mission:

We will enable individuals and their families to receive care close to where they call home, by coordinating and developing a full spectrum of palliative and end-of-life care in the Bow Valley.

What We Value:

In pursuing our goal of providing holistic care during a terminal, or life-limiting illness, for all our patients and their families, we will be guided by the following major values:

DIGNITY, including:

  • Welcoming all patients for whom residential palliative care is appropriate
  • Defining, respecting and supporting, as far as possible, the hopes, dreams, preferences and beliefs of all patients
  • Ascertaining and using the preferred name, or title, of each patient
  • Encouraging, as far as possible, flexibility and patient choice in dress, diet and daily activities
  • Involving patients (and/or their families) in all decisions relating to the implementation, adjustment, or discontinuation of any treatments

COMFORT, including:

  • The provision of a peaceful, cheerful, home-like environment
  • Actively seeking and managing all distressing symptoms
  • Providing appropriate physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual support, in accordance with the needs and wishes of patients and their families
  • Encouraging all patients to live as fully as possible up to the end of life
  • Assisting patients and families, as far as possible, to realize their end of life goals and wishes

QUALITY, including:

  • Practical excellence in the provision of all necessary care and treatments
  • Full and open communication with patients and families at all times
  • Supportive care of families at, and after, the end of a patient’s life
  • Maintaining collaborative, cohesive and supportive team relationships between all disciplines and volunteers, both within and outside the palliative care centre

The health care system reports more appropriate referrals, better use of hospice care, fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations, and less use of ineffective, intensive interventions in the last days of life.

Our Objects/Purposes:

The following objects/purposes have been adopted by the Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley:

  1. To promote health by providing an accredited palliative care unit in the Bow Valley that will provide appropriate palliative care accommodation, therapy and support, at no cost, to residents of the region and beyond who are suffering from terminal, or life-threatening illness, and to support their families before, during and after the loss of their relatives.
  2. To promote health by providing trained support volunteers from the local communities to work alongside paid staff working with patients in the palliative care unit or in the community.
  3. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.