The Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley (PCSBV) is here for you.


Diagnosis of a life-changing illness can leave you and your loved ones feeling isolated, lonely, and afraid. Together we find a balance between understanding your diagnosis, nurturing your courage in the face of challenge and change, embracing your new normal, and preparing you to continue to live life for a long as possible-on your own terms.


We believe you, your family, and all Bow Valley residents have the right to compassionate palliative care, whether at home, hospice, hospital, or wherever you choose. Every day we share the path with those impacted by a life-changing illness, loss, and grief.


The palliative care journey is different for everyone. We create pathways to care, ensuring no one is left behind.


Changing the Dialogue - Elephant in the Room

At PCSBV, we actively encourage conversations about the diagnosis of a life-changing illness, the challenges of being a caregiver, dying and the impact of grief or loss.

For 2023, we want to invite you into a conversation about the one thing we all truly have in common and how we might live our best lives when we are faced with the inevitable. We want to talk openly and freely, learning from cultures and beliefs where this is common practice. To talk about the 'big thing' in the room that lives larger for some than others is an important conversation. Join us in the discussion.

Living with loss group


We will enable individuals and their families in the Bow Valley to receive palliative care close to home, by coordinating and developing alongside other community partners a full spectrum of palliative and end-of-life care and programs.


Every person in the Bow Valley has easy access to compassionate, high-quality programs and care throughout the palliative journey close to home.