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Bill Harder

Palliative & Grief Support Navigator

I have learned much about living from my work with those who are dying and from those who sorrow. It is in this soil that I have deepened my own roots and grown as a person. In discovering the transformative power of grief, I have come to understand loss as a quintessential experience that every human being will come to know.

In hospice end-of-life care we journey with the dying and grieving as co-mentors, explorers of beginnings and endings. Our work is about dying well and bearing witness to the sorrow of those who grieve.

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Kristin Fry

Fund Development

Philanthropy is about transforming communities and connecting people to their passions.

The Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley inspires me to wake up in the morning with a purpose. I feel privileged to  connect donors to their vision of a caring compassionate community.

During the “end-of-life” process, my father, a friend and a neighbour did not have the opportunity to experience a worthy end to their magnificent life journey.

The path can look so much better.

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