Board Of Directors

Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton

"PCSBV is important to the community because it adds one more very important piece to the health care delivery model in comforting and supporting patients and families going through the palliative and end of life journey in the place they call home."

Martin Buckley

Martin Buckley

“The palliative care/end of life care/hospice situation is one that has hit home within the past number of years, with the passage of my parents (in 2009 and 2016) and younger brother (in 2021; all three in Drumheller), and the environments in which they spent their final months/days. I believe there are better, more comforting surroundings for a person’s final years, than those my late parents and brother were in.”


Jane Saly

“Since making Canmore my home in 2014, I have met many people and heard of the sad stories of spouses and other loved ones separated because 1 person needs care that isn’t provided in the valley. The added stress of travel to Calgary means that visits are limited and both parties suffer even more. While providing more beds for palliative care would be a great help to the Bow Valley, this society is planning so much more. I am very excited to join in this work.”

Good RCB

Rosemary Boulton

“I honestly believe that the end of life can be a time of great love and peace. Having a palliative care facility located in the shadows of our beautiful mountains will provide all families in the Bow Valley with a place of comfort and care for both the patient and their family, during this time of transition. And importantly, having a stand-alone hospice here in Canmore, people will not need to travel back and forth to Calgary or beyond to access such a facility during end-of-life palliative care.”

Penney Gaul

Dr. H. Penney Gaul

“I think it is really important to educate our community about the meaning of Palliative Care and how it can improve the quality of life of both the patient and their families. Terminal illness are frightening and a tremendous cause of stress, anxiety and grief. The PCSBV programs will be able to help and support patients and their families as they go through this journey.”


Belinda Boleantu

“It is my passion to enable cross-continuum care coordination that allows individuals to make choices about staying at home and at the same time having a wonderful place to spend their last days in the splendor of the Bow Valley. Given the demographics of the Bow Valley population, I believe that PCSBV has a role to play in design for rural populations that supplements the excellent work of the existing AHS Palliative Teams.  I hope I can give back to the community some of the expertise acquired through my career with health.”

Dr. Martin Tweeddale

"Although Alberta is one of the better provinces, support for neither the palliative nor the end-of-life components of PEOLC (especially the former) are well-developed across Canada with only 15 to 30 per cent access at best.   "Full spectrum” palliative care should be available locally to all communities. The full extent of palliative and end-of-life care and the opportunity “full spectrum” palliative care improves the quality of life of patients and caregivers along the entire palliative journey."
Catharine Hinds

Dr. Catharine Hinds

"I am constantly impressed with the dedication and passion of my fellow PCSBV board members. We are a good team and progress has been significant.  It is exciting for me to be involved with our new Loss and Grief Program, and I look forward to its launch. Again we have a dedicated and passionate group who see the value for such a program. We have come a long way since I started with the society at a grass roots level."


Donna McKown

"What excites me about the work of the PCSBV is the dream of building a hospice home for all Bow Valley residents and getting to a stage where the PCSBV's programs are known to all who need them across the Valley and, ultimately, to see the positive impacts of these programs for people."

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