Thanks to generous donors, PCSBV provides client services without a fee.

If you would like more information on  supports, programs, or client services please contact the PCSBV via email at or by calling 403-707-7111.


To submit a referral please contact the PCSBV’s Volunteer Coordinator via email at or by calling 403-707-8416.


You will need to provide the individual's name, phone number, email address, and reason for referral. All individuals must have consented interest in receiving PCSBV's support. Self referrals are also welcome.


Health Care Professionals: referrals can be sent to PCSBV via fax to (403)-621-1825.


Individuals may be referred for PCSBV support who:

1. Have recently received a diagnosis of a life-changing (incurable) illness or if the individual is upstream in disease progression (early diagnosis)

2. Are in late-stage disease progression and are quickly moving toward actively dying

3. Have experienced a death loss and are impacted by grief


PCSBV staff and volunteers provide the following supports:

-Psychosocial and soulful supports addressing emotional, social, and spiritual needs
-Resource navigation and connecting with options for care
-1-1 conversation with the Grief Practitioners
-1-1 care from a dedicated Client Care Volunteer
-Access to support groups and programs


PCSBV supports, programs, and client services are not medical or physical in nature and volunteers are not health care aids.