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Grief & Bereavement

This module gives volunteers the opportunity to discuss and understand loss, sorrow, and the work of grief companioning.

Below are links to video clips, as well as readings and assignments that will help you explore grief & bereavement.


The Bereavement Caregiver as Gardener: A Companioning Parable

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What Not to Say...

This exercise asks you to reflect on questions and statements to avoid in conversation with someone who is grieving. For each of the following statements, determine if it is a supportive statement to say to a grieving individual, and if it is not, what you might say instead.

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Ask a Mortician: How to Talk to Someone Who is Grieving

Caitlin Doughty is an American-based mortician and death theorist. She shares her tips for talking to someone who is grieving after the death of a loved one.


In this exercise we invite you to spend time reflecting on a personal loss. This exercise illustrates how much everyone knows about grief from his, her, or their life experiences, and what a broad range of responses there are in grief.

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Moving On

Song by James

Please don't get me started
Looking backwards to move on.
Strong yet open-hearted,
Accept leaving when leaving's come.

God didn't see it coming,
Never said I love you, hope you knew.
Now my bags are packed and my sails are tacked
And my course is marked by stars,

I'm on my way,
Soon be moving on my way,
Leave a little light on,
Leave a little light on,

Time always unwinding,
All these deadlines in my mind.
Seeds and dreams we planted
Took for granted, didn't prove.

Walking down this road
When my pulse beats slow,
Hope to have you close at hand.
When this cycle ends,
Will it start again?
Will we recognize old friends?

I'm on my way,
On my way, on my way, on my way,
Leave a light on,
Leave a little light on.


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